What they say about Loyalty Crowns is true – if you don’t spend them, they disappear. Here’s all the knowledge I’ve been able to collect about Loyalty Crowns.

Each month you’re an active member of the Daybreak Guild (meaning you’re conducting some kind of business in Norrath), you will gain 10 velocity. Velocity is the rate at which you acquire Loyalty Crowns. If you let things lapse for a month, your velocity drops by 30.

Depending upon what rank you are in the Daybreak Guild, you will be capped at certain velocities.

  • Free Membership, velocity caps at 30 and Crowns cap at 1440.
  • Silver Membership, velocity caps at 60 and Crowns cap at 2880.
  • Gold Membership, velocity caps at 120 and Crowns cap at 5760.

If you’re a member without recurrent dues, the guild considers you as set to expire, refusing to grant you any Crowns for that time. If you’re inactive, you do not gain velocity or Crowns.

The Loyalty Vendors sell many things from decorations, currencies, items of power, utility gadgets, and curiosities. Each month on the schedule below, they sell a bag.

January – Surefall Satchel
February – Heart Shaped Box
March – Brew Barrel Chest
April – Jack in the Box
May – Bag of Woven Flowers
June – Picnic Basket
July – Gnomish Fireworks Crate
August – Bag of Living Lava
September – Bag of Autumn Leaves
October – Jack-O-Lantern Bag
November – Cornucopia
December – Santug Claugg’s Sack