Have you ever wondered if you had a particular item in your possession? Have you known you had something, but were at a loss of where you’ve stashed it? Are random items of long-forgotten significance taking up space in your bank, guild bank, or real estate?

Here is some simple magic to create scrolls with your inventories on them. These incantations are simply spoken.

To forge a list of recipes, chant:
/outputfile recipes

To concoct a listing of spells you know, chant:
/outputfile spellbook
/outputfile missingspells

To create a list of your standing with factions, chant:
/outputfile faction filename.txt

To generate an inventory list, chant:
/outputfile inventory filename.txt

To construct a list of real estate objects, chant:
/outputfile realestate
/outputfile guildhall
/outputfile guildbank

To account for people, chant:
/outputfile guild
/outputfile raid

I hope this helps, and as always, thrilling travels!