The Way of the Everlasting Journey on the Path to the Location of the Inner-Sanctum of Higher Understanding.

Hidden Forage Hacks

I've just posted a page on this resource that lists every forage I could find through combing the Great Libraries of Internetopolis. It is much too long for this simple message board, but I will link you to the page. I hope that you can use it well, and as always,...

All About Loyalty

What they say about Loyalty Crowns is true - if you don't spend them, they disappear. Here's all the knowledge I've been able to collect about Loyalty Crowns. Each month you're an active member of the Daybreak Guild (meaning you're conducting some kind of business in...

Inventory Record-Keeping

Have you ever wondered if you had a particular item in your possession? Have you known you had something, but were at a loss of where you’ve stashed it? Are random items of long-forgotten significance taking up space in your bank, guild bank, or real estate?

Guild News




The New Tanaan Mercenary Academy is the finest school of it's type.  As such, it operates under some very strict rules.  Rokkath has been my trusty companion for a long time now, but it's time for his apprenticeship to end.  After saying my farewells to him, I was...



At first, when my good friend Halmar hired the mercenary healer Kataura to accompany us on our adventures, I kind of shook my head. It was a convenience, more than anything, I told myself. After all, my trusty Rokkath had fallen just a couple of times before my...

Giants, Giants, and….

Giants, Giants, and….

Last night I answered the call from an Emissary of Veeshan concerning Giants.  I was going to slay three, but I spent a complete evening in Velketor's Labyrinth only to come up empty.  I'm sure I could have taken him, but here's the gallery from the others I...

Okosar, Favored of the Gods

Okosar, Favored of the Gods

Agnostic enchanters don’t normally seek favor with the gods of Norrath. There is kind of an unwritten rule: you don’t show disrespect for them, and they don’t drop your illusion in the middle of Oggok (or worse). A quid pro quo that keeps everyone happy. Who knows why...

A True Adventurer

A true adventurer has no fixed destination, and is not intent on arriving.

The Vessel

Jabober is like a vessel. It is the void that makes a vessel useful.

The Great Mystery

Fill yourself with desire and see only illusion. Empty yourself of desire and understand the great mystery of Jabober.