Steamfont: The Threat Revealed

To: Investigator Geo Friinok, Gem Choppers

From: Reconnoiterer Okosar

Re: Sixth Report: The Threat Revealed!

I awoke in my bed in Ak’Anon to a thundering sound, louder than the rumbles that had until this point been coming from the mining caves. As I gathered my gear, I came up with a score of questions for Commander Gearswitch. On my way out, I decided to inspect the old defenses inside the city itself. I thought to myself the giant crossbow that had saved the city in the past was looking a little antiquated in light of this new danger.

I patted the clockwork soldiers manning the bow on the back and gave told them to stay sharp. Of course, they were already designed to do that. As I rushed out the final tunnel to the surface, I bid farewell to Emissary Delbin. His demeanor was night and day from that of the clockwork defenders. “The sky! The sky! Is this a sign of our lord’s displeasure? What have we done to alienate ourselves from him? Surely this means dire consequences for the world of Norrath. Without the sun we shall all perish! Repent! Repent! The end is nigh!”

Sensing I had no time to calm him down, I immediately ascended to Steamfont. Though I could not see it at the moment, I gathered by talking to Gnomes on the way out to Commander Gearswitch’s command post that Meldrath had launched a giant fortress into the sky and was periodically bombarding the lands! Everyone was tense: I asked one of the Gnomes watching the entrance to Ak’Anon if he needed anything. Bigilam Wantilans snapped, “This matter is far too advanced for you to handle..come back after you’ve killed a few more large rats.”

I have been adventuring long enough to accumulate every last Veteran Reward the Pantheon of Masters has to offer, and as I considered Bigilam himself, it was very possible I could take him in a fair fight. However, pride is a sin, and these are desperate times. I wished him well and made my way to Commander Gearswitch who confirmed the stories about Meldrath’s fortress. “We appreciate your help with the ground forces lately, but it appears things have only gotten worse. We’ve been attacking his fortress as best we can, but his steamworks keep destroying our catapults. It’s bad enough that we’re running out of materials to keep them operational.” Continue reading “Steamfont: The Threat Revealed”

A to Z Raconteur

The Calling
Written by Community Member Amphar in honor of Okosar the Raconteur

In the beginning, before my home of Ak’Anon was threatened by the shadow of the Bloodmoon, I was a simple clockwork engineer, fresh out of the Academy. It was only a decade after Ak’Anon was opened up to the world, and all I knew was my peaceful life of gears, machinations, and books. The books were what my father objected to.

It is not the norm for a Gnome to dream about faraway adventures. Conventional wisdom is that the Creator, Brell Serilis, frowned on that kind of a life for us. Tinkering is a noble profession, and it should fulfill any reckless desires that might creep into one’s consciousness.

It was a time when a steady stream of great tales started to flood in. There were tales of Steamfont and the Dragonscale Hills, of course. But there were even more faraway places, places that sparked my imagination. I couldn’t get enough of these books.

Everything changed for me one night when I had the most disturbing of dreams. I dreamt the clockworks I spent all day servicing started to crawl on me, to cover me, to dig into my skin, creating an exoskeleton that was slowly choking the life from me. Unlike our beloved King Ak’Anon, however, these machines started to take over my being, and I started to fade away. With a desperate cry, I exploded to cast away the machines, waking up in a cold sweat. The dream troubled me for days before I decided to seek out help from a most wise counselor, an Academy instructor of mine named Julene Urncaller. Continue reading “A to Z Raconteur”