The New Tanaan Mercenary Academy is the finest school of it’s type.  As such, it operates under some very strict rules.  Rokkath has been my trusty companion for a long time now, but it’s time for his apprenticeship to end.  After saying my farewells to him, I was given an unexpected honor.  The Academy chooses its field experiences very carefully for its students, especially for those who are ready for more advanced training.  I was selected to be an advanced trainer for a Journeyman level student.

Tokris is a Vah’Shir, just as Rokkath is, but the difference in his abilities is quite marked.  Halmar noticed it immediately, as we plowed through the Plane of Innovation together the other day.  His upkeep is more costly, but he’s worth the hire, and I think the learning experiences we can give him will be most valuable as we shape a new adventurer in this world.