To: Investigator Geo Friinok, Gem Choppers

From: Reconnoiterer Okosar

Re: Final Report

An End, And A Beginning?

As I’m sure you heard, Meldrath’s fortress has been repelled for the time being, and Gnomes all over Faydwer are starting to resume their normal lives again. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have contributed, even in a small way, to the defense of our people, our city, and our culture.

As I roam the mountains of Steamfont and watch her residents pick themselves back up and put together their old lives, I am struck by the resilient nature of us Gnomes. I know your investigation will officially close soon, if it has not already done so, but I wanted to share with you something a terrified Brownie was trying to tell me, what seems like so long ago.

Sages and Seers will tell you that every time a door closes, another one opens. They are talking about opportunity. I recently took the opportunity to look around at the mangled landscape of the construction site and launchpad of Fortress Mechanotus.

The fortress is gone, but it left behind an avenue to lands we could not previously reach. As I close this final report, I leave to you and to our people, this opportunity for further exploration and adventure. Many safe travels!

Dutifully yours, Okosar